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Angela Brown Nursing teaching plan NU1426 My patient is a patient that is leaving the E.R. after being diagnosed with the shingles virus. The patient came into the E.R. with a rash on the right side of the trunk. The rash presented as clear blisters and was painful to the touch. The physician diagnosed the patient with…show more content…
One will be an antiviral. This medicine is used to speed the healing process of the shingles virus. There will also be pain medicine in topical and oral form. I will make sure to tell the patient that they need to take and use the medicine as prescribed. The pain can get out of control if they do not follow the doctor’s orders. I will also explain that a luke warm bath with oatmeal can calm the affected nerves. These oatmeal baths can be purchased at the drug store. Wearing clothing that is loose can help to keep from irritating the sores. I will then explain that there are some things they can do to keep infections at bay. Not touching the sores will help keep them clean. It will be hard at first to not scratch when they are having the itching sensations but it is important to touch the area as little as possible to keep any infectious agents out of the area. Not touching will keep it clean and keep the pain down as much as possible. They need to make sure they wash their hands any time they touch the areas because they can spread the virus. They need to stay away from people who have not had the chicken pox or the vaccine. People who are immune suppressed and the unborn child of a pregnant women. This virus can be life threating to all of these people. I would end by making sure the patient is clear on all of my explanations. I would make sure they understood the
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