Shinigami Alternate Ending

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AN: I'm sorry if Ryuk seems OC or like Light but I felt this was the only way I could go on with the second chapter.

The Shinigami realm was getting pretty boring, sitting there and doing nothing but scribbling the names of humans in the Death Note wasn't that entertaining. I decided to go to the human world and see what they're doing. I went to my old hometown, Tokyo. All the other reapers called me a fool because I used the Death Note in my past life as a human. Truth be told, I don't regret anything. If I hadn't used, they would still be alive. I also don't regret it because I could erase all trash of the world and I hated being human. Being the same species as scum made my skin crawl, well when I had skin.

Whilst being bored I flew around, seeing if there was any humans that I wanted to fall victim to my Death Note. As I fly by an alley way I noticed something felt weird, then it struck me. The Death Note wasn't there. I muttered a few curses under my breath, how could I lose it so easily? The king was going to be mad if I didn't find it; luckily after a few minutes of searching I found it. It was in the alley I passed a few minutes ago, I cursed at myself for being so ignorant. As I was going to retrieve it I saw a human female walking down the pavement. Shit! How am I going to retrieve it now?! She would most likely question why or how a notebook is floating without any strings. I waited for her to pass, but it
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I quickly hid behind the corner; the moment she touches it she would be able to see me. "Death Note?" The human read out in fluent English. I stealthily peeked out of the corner and saw her hold it in one hand. She stared at it for a few seconds, what was she thinking? After staring at the Death Note, she placed it into her school bag. I sighed, why me? She sharply turned her head toward my direction, I forgot she could hear me now. I mentally smacked myself because how idiotic I was. I quickly hid once again so she couldn't see
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