Shining A Light On Eyewitnesses

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Erik Riebe
Dr. Meyer
English 1121-05
Shining a Light on Eyewitnesses
Think of your largest fear or fears. Many would say heights, sharks, spiders, or even public speaking are what they are most afraid of. Did you ever think that being falsely accused of a crime that you did not commit may be a part of that list? Many cases have relied on the statement of one eyewitness in order to put someone in jail for life. Eyewitness accounts are often quite unreliable. Despite common belief, many eyewitness accounts are a variation of what the person actually witnessed.
Some people may say, “Well, they saw what they saw. Who are we to tell them any different?” This is a very good question. Humans are capable of extraordinary things. We pride ourselves on being the superior of all species on earth all thanks to our brain capacity and opposable thumbs. When we remember something from our past we can picture ourselves back in that precise moment and see what is happening around us. “Eyewitnesses are the only people with eyes that saw what actually happened. The only problem with that is they might stretch the truth” (Shane Henry Uthe). When it comes to the minds of other people who can say if they are telling the truth? There is no need to say that psychology and the human mind are inextricably linked.
Cognitive psychology is the study of mind and mental function. This includes learning, memory, perception, reasoning, and decision making. Human brains are like computers but

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