Shining The Spotlight On Artificial Sweeteners

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Rebecca Stacey
Professor Agatucci
Writing 122
9 June 2015 Shining the Spotlight on Artificial Sweeteners It has been said many times before, “sugar is bad” and also “sugar substitutes are bad” but what are the real underlying factors that support these claims? Going to the grocery store and always seeing a product that is advertised as “low sugar” or “sugar free” due to the supplementation of various sugar substitutes, one may be curious to discover whether or not sugar-free options are a healthier alternative to their sugar counterparts. Arguments for both sides of the issue are readily available via any popular diet magazine or public talk shows discussing health and diet trends. The media has consistently portrayed the use of sugar-substitutes as being beneficial for dieting and low-calorie lifestyles, and people are believing the unsupported claims by these companies, in turn purchasing the first products they see on the shelves labeled “sugar-free” without any knowledge of what they are putting into their body and how it affects them. The question then arises – what are the experts actually saying regarding this issue? Do artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, etc, do more harm than good? While it would appear authorities have mixed feelings regarding this issue, artificial sweeteners, despite having low to zero calories, do more harm than good to your body. There are no proven benefits to sugar-substitutes and many studies have shown that

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