Ship Trap Island Epilogue

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Out there to the right there be an island lost in the sea as big as a man could imagine but it be strange and mystical I told rainsford “Does it have a name?” rainsford asked “The aged maps call it ship trap island” said whitney “ What a name the place has am I right. The Sailors seem to hate the place they think it is as bad As pirates” I misunderstand it must be some tradition. “Can’t see the sea but I can smell it as well as momma’s cookin” rainsford said as he looked through the dense tropical night. I could feel the night coming down onto me and the yacht “You have good eyes” I said I chuckled “ and I’ve seen you snipe a moose on the go at four hundred yards, but you can’t see four miles into a lightless caribbean night “Or 20 feet”
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