Shipping Container Homes as an Alternative1

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Rationale of the Study Containerization is a system of freight transport that transports trade goods from ports to ports. This system is based on a range of steel intermodal containers (also "shipping containers").These containers are built to standardized dimensions and can be loaded and unloaded, stacked, transported efficiently over long distances, and transferred from one mode of transport to another. Thus, it provided an economic way to ship 90% of the world trade goods across the globe and as a result has benefited society in providing for a truly open market to buy and sell goods. Cebu is home to national and international corporations whose trading hub is centered in the international port (cargo…show more content…
Contractors find alternative ways of transforming them into buildings that will make an impact on the public. By using their expertise, they would be able to transform these used containers into something useful and beneficial. These containers would provide them the opportunity to acquire more projects and earn profit and of course achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Through this, contractors are also able to add value to these containers that have once been unused. Extending the life of these discarded materials and providing affordable infrastructures to the people is a complete viable approach. Sturdy, convenient to transport and relatively cheap – these are some of the factors that have made the conversion of shipping containers into modern living and working spaces an ever growing trend in some other countries. However, little is only known about this innovation in Cebu. The proponents of this research study the supply and demand of these shipping containers. As end users create demand for the containers from the contractors as a finished infrastructures, these contractors are also creating a demand of raw shipping containers from the shipping companies. And yet there are more of these containers than what the people demanded, making a huge gap between the abundant supply of shipping container and the demand for them. The researchers

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