Shipping Lines Ticketing System

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Rationale Shipping services played a vital role in the development of modern economies. Nowadays, the shipping industry has grown tremendously with the introduction of highly sophisticated sea vessels. In the field of the shipping industry, computers are used by companies in order for them to have a quicker way in the issuance of tickets. A ticket gives the passenger the right to board a ship. It indicates that the passenger has paid for or is entitled to a specified service. In most cases, shipping companies encountered problems with ticketing because the passengers need to queue up for a long time just to buy ticket and ask for information. With the aid of computers, the company can provide an easier way of…show more content…
Generally, a ticketing system is familiar in the industry. There are many aspects still to be assessed regarding the implementation of a computerized ticketing system in some company, with special attention to the routines and facilities that the new system brings to the operational management of the whole business. The several existing system will be reviewed and compared. The information collection for the literature review on ticketing system is from many resources, which are in e-books and published documentations such whitepaper and journal in web site. The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). They are aiming to adopt e-ticketing for passengers and for cargo loads. Based on them, the comparative study can help the people who travels on comparing the automated and manual ticketing system, and some respondents chose automated ticketing system and there are some respondents choose the manual ticketing system. The respondents said that the automated ticketing system is very useful to the company because by the use of technology the processing of tickets can make faster and easy. More respondents preferred the automated ticketing system for automated ticketing is very useful and there would be lesser errors in producing the tickets. Based on the software used about ticketing system, it is a asset to a company
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