Shira Tarrant: Feminism For Men

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Feminism is a very popular and controversial concept in today’s world. Feminism is a range of ideologies as well as social and political movement all aiming for a common goal to define, establish and achieve equal rights and position to women legally as well as socially. The people with these ideologies are commonly known as FEMINIST. Feminism theory is not only about understanding but also to take action. Naturally people expect women to be related to the idea of feminism and be a feminist rather than men. Men have taken part as significant cultural and political responses within each wave of feminism movements.Feminist men have also argued alongside scholars that liberation of men from the socio cultural constraints of gender roles and sexism is a significant part of feminist activism and scholarship.

There is a huge debate within feminism whether men can be feminist or not.Many women feminist refuse from
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There are many women who consider men can be feminist too. Shira Tarrant a feminist writer has argued that men also have contributed and engaged in feminist movements throughout the history. Many feminist writers believe that the strongest stand that can be taken by men against sexism against women is to identify themselves as Feminist. Some also see involvement of men in the feminist movement as the process of universalisation of feminist movements which is very much needed for these movement’s continuous relevance. Many men have also came up and recognized themselves as feminist. The responsibility of ending oppression of women indeed should be borne by men since patriarchal men are the main cause of that oppression. There is nothing less manly about being a feminist. If some men accept the feminist theory and challenges other men to see it like legitimate and a necessary practice then patriarchy can be
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