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Why are characters in stories given the name he or she has? In the stories "Babylon Revisited" by F. Scott Fitzgerald and "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, the authors named characters by his or her purpose in the short story. Since the beginning of language, names have been used to identify a person by their job or role in a community. The characters in these stories had important roles in the plot of their respective story. The authors chose these specific names because of the characters mantles.
A name is given to every human child at birth. It is used mostly by those around an individual as a way to identify them. Without names people would have a difficult time communicating things to other people. Names in fiction represent a character in his or her entirety. Usually having deeper meaning like explaining a character's origin, names are given to characters with a purpose. Authors might hide a plot twist or hidden meaning in a name like Darth Vader, Vader meaning father in Dutch and also in German.

However Vader isn't the only
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Graves is in charge of the traditional lottery. Mr. Graves usually follows Mr. Summers for the events of the lottery and helps him set up the box and the stool. Mr. Graves has a name that changes the tone of the short story. Everything up until the mentioning of Mr. Graves' name has seemed normal. The rational behind his name is simple, graves follow the summers. Most of the items used during the lottery are used to bring death to one inhabitant of the town. "Mr. Graves, followed him, carrying a three legged stool..."(Jackson 364) which to the towns people meant that someone was going to die that day. Jackson chose the names of the masters of ceremonies very carefully using the season to name one and the outcome to call the other. Graves usually follow the lottery in this small town making Mr. Graves one the names that remind people of what's to
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