Shirley Temple

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America's little darling, everyone knows her but where did she come from? George Francis Temple was her father (Shirley Temple). He was born in 1888 and eventually became a banker (Shirley Temple). Her mother's name was Gertrude Amelia Krieger, she was born in 1893(Shirley Temple). They had two sons whose names were: Jack Temple and George Jr. Temple (Shirley Temple). While expecting their first daughter Gertrude played the phonograph and attended dance recitals (Shirley Temple). Finally on April 23, 1929 a beautiful baby girl was born (Shirley Temple). Shirley was a baby who would bring smiles to everyone’s face during the great depression (Hall). They named her Shirley Jane Temple. Shirley was born at 9:00 p.m. She once said "…show more content…
Some people said that her teeth were filled to make them look more child-like (Lindeman). But when the day finally came and she lost her very first baby tooth, Times Square went into an up roar (Hall). People were yelling "Shirley has lost a baby tooth"(Hall). Shirley received many positive things out of acting. At age six she attended the Oscars (Shirley Temple). In 1935 not only did she attend the Oscars that year, she was also the youngest person ever to present an Oscar at age six (Shirley Temple). That year at the Oscars Shirley was presented with an Oscar, which was a great privilege, but she was very upset because her trophy was not normal size (Bankston 24). They made her trophy tiny because she was small (Bankston 24). She thought this was very unfair (Bankston 24). In 1937, she presented Walt Disney with his special Academy Award, which was a normal sized Oscar with seven mini Oscars surrounding it, which symbolized his movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Shirley Temple). During this time she began taking over the American screen (Hall). America fell in love with America's little darling after her first big movie, Stand Up and Cheer (Glennon). Her salary began to increase greatly (Bankston 18). After many raises, she was making more than $60,000 a movie (Bankston 18). In 1934-1936 she grossed five million dollars for Fox when a movie ticket cost only
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