Shisui Monologue

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Two days ago, I was out with a high fever and a stomach virus. I don’t know how I got it, but it happened. I couldn’t get out of bed to use the restroom when I wanted to, eat, and even sleep! I felt like I was dying. Not only would that, with every inch of moment I did on my bed, have those ice-picking sensations appeared. Gah! I was a total mess! The pain of suffering... I swear I saw the light a couple of times….or maybe that was my mom turning on the light at night? Anyways, this morning...Probably around 6:30AM, my mom checked my fever with the thermometer. It was close to 100°F (37.77°C) she suggested that I should stay for another day until I was 100% healed. Although the idea sounded quite nice, having a five day vacation off from…show more content…
He headlock me, telling me that his little sister is back in town. Sometimes, I wonder if Shisui is really that happy to see me. I wonder if seriously need to stop over-thinking before my headache returns. Anyways, Itachi gave me his share of his favorite tea he kept in his bag. I find it very weird for him to have such things, but I guess that’s his personality? I feel like Itachi became officially my mother. He’s always taking care of me! Should I start calling him mom, now? Perhaps, Shisui can be my dad! Moving on to Art class, Deidara greeted me with a “Where were you?” I told him I the reason. Then the next thing I knew when I took out my supplies, Deidara unexpectedly gave me a handmade keychain of his bird looking dragon model. I asked him why, he just told me just because. With no reason, I just took it and hook it to my bookbag. . . Then math class. Shikamaru told me that not once he had fallen to take a nap because I wasn’t there. I’m not sure if I should take this seriously or what? Overall, he was very happy to see I was alive and was wondering, if I needed help in math since I was gone. I told for now, let me absorb what I missed. If anything, I’ll let him
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