Shitty First Drafts By Anne Lammott Analysis

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Writing is something we have been used to since childhood. Beginning to write with just a few words and activities to improve our pendmanship. From easy sentences we all gradually improve our writing, as expected from higher levels of education. However, throughout all this time, many of us have been writing blind. Only writing what is seen an necessary, oblivious to the true skill and precision it takes to actually write quality work. Through the use of Anne Lammott’s article “Shitty First Drafts” and personal experiences, I will advice you, my fellow freshman, on certain a aspect of writing that you may not have known prior to joining the college world, as well as offer some life advice.
To begin, in Anne Lammott’s article “Shitty First Drafts”
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In addition, Lammott introduces her second technique, which derived from her father, “Bird by Bird”. This saying, essentially, means that in the course of doing work or having a great amount of work, within the act of overthinking, one should remember to remain calm and take things one at time. This often can alter the minds of writers and give a sense of hope that was not there initially. This hope of which, needed to proceed in the work before them. Lammott’s main argumment revovles around first drafts along with revision. “Shitty First Drafts” as Lammott names them, are essential to approaching writing. It is the first step into producing quality work. Starting from the ground up is not always simple. So she emphasizes the importance of “Shitty First Drafts” to give some knowledge to writers struggling with their work. Lammott discusses discusses first drafts as being the “Childs draft” meaning that it is okay for the first draft to turn out terrible. This is the draft of imagination, allowing writers to spill any and all thoughts they have in mind in regards to the assignment. Without holding back, letting it all out the paper, the “Childs draft” can serve as their bases, progressing for what is to come in their…show more content…
Speaking from prior experience, I have never been one to openly allow someone else to revise my work or even allow them to view it at all. I am quite a bit too shy for that. However, Lommet makes some valid points. All throughout my life, I have gotten by on the basics of writing. I was unaware of the amount of work that takes place in writing. Writing is much more than it seems to be. Simply writing is not suffice in the understanding of the skillful process. I have come to realization that writing is just as critical as assembling a car. In the same sense, building a car is about precision and piecing many parts together for the overall outcome of a successful, running automobile. Even then, there may be room for improvements down the line, but in the meantime it is good to produce the best work possible. Writing can be just as critical because it involves a vast variety of things as well. There is more to take into account than simply typing or jotting down words. Writing involves grammar, spelling, punctuation, intended audience, etc… These things of which can become quite confusing, attempting to make them all flow in a smooth,
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