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The movie begins with Simon Srebnik going back to Chelmno, he is one of the two survivors. He was taken to Chelmno when he was thirteen, his father was killed in front of him, and his mother died in the gas vans. He was known throughout the camp for his agility and his beautiful singing voice. Before abandoning the camp the Nazis shot everyone, including him, in the head. He was left for dead, but was found and survived. Simon went back to tell of the experience he had. He cannot believe what happened as he walks along what is left of the frame of the buildings. He said that 2,000 were burnt per day, but he remembers the camp as being peaceful. No one ever shouted, they just went about their work. He was forced to go up the river, under…show more content…
Victims tried to escape, but didn’t know the area and he remembers hearing explosions in the minefield. He describes the charm of the forest as beauty and silence. He says it wasn’t always silent, it was full of screams and of dogs barking. After the revolt the Germans decided to liquidate the camp. In early 1943 they planted trees that were three or four years old to camouflage all traces. The screen of trees covered where the mass graves were. He said the trees hid the secret of a death camp. Itzhak Dugin was a survivor from Vilna. He remembers a cold winter day in January 1942. One of his jobs was to bury bodies that were buried in rows covered in dirt. The ditches were funnel shaped and he had to lay them out like herrings, head to foot. He also had to dig up and burn the Jews of Vilna. Early in January 1944 they began digging up the bodies. When the last mass grave was opened he found his entire family. He recognized his mom, three sisters, and their children. They were buried four months, it was winter so they were well preserved. He recognized them by their faces and their clothing. The Nazis planned to have them dig up the graves starting with the oldest. The last graves were the newest and the first graves were from the first ghetto. The first grave had 24,000 bodies. The deeper you dug the flatter the bodies, each was like a flat slab. When you tried to grasp a body it crumbled, making it impossible to pick

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