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Does children's shoe sizes get bigger as they get older? Introduction: I will be doing an experiment to investigate whether it is true or not that children's shoes sizes really increase as they get older. In order for me to prove this, I need to collect some data and to start with, I have to create a simple and short questionnaire and I will ask some of my friends and family who has children and could help me with this experiment by completing the questionnaire. My objective is to find out at the end of this investigation whether my experiment on children's shoe sizes is true or not true. Aim: The aim of the experiment is to find out if the children's shoe sizes get bigger as they get older. I want to know the relationship…show more content…
Before I send the questionnaire, I explained to the people, what is this questionnaire is all about. Why do I need to do this? And also what is the purpose of this research. All these questions also included in the questionnaire I created but just a brief explanation. (sample of questionnaire can be found at the appendix section). When I chatted with the prospect participants I got the chance to explain thoroughly and they can asks questions to me as well. I also asked their consent if it is okay to send a questionnaire for them to complete and to send it back to me. After I successfully collected 60 participants, in which 6 participants in each age (3 boys and 3 girls). I thanked those who participated on my research. Who find time to answer and sent back to me the questionnaire. This is exactly what I told them in my private message I sent to all my family and friends who helped me. To all my ever dearest family and friends, I would like to thank you all for helping me in this research. Those informations you supplied are a big help to me. Thank you for having the time to complete the questionnaire for me. With all your given informations, I can now start with my experiment. Once again, a big thank you to all. Love lots, Agnes xx Results: After gathering all the informations I needed for my experiment. I made a table because I thought in this way, by
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