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The Shoebox

7 years ago, I was an olympian. Well, not exactly an olympian, but I was a qualified swimmer in the 2009 Middle Atlantic Swim Meet; in other words, a pitiless meeting between the best swimmers in the tri-state area under 18 years of age. I began my obsession with swimming thanks to a mother who qualified in the Euro cup and a father who promoted swimming due to his incapacity to tread water for more than thirty seconds. I progressed to become someone that I could not be, however: December 11th, 2009, two days after the event, grinning cynically back at me lays the 6th place medal. Or should I say ribbon, as only the swimmers who place in first second or third place obtain the keepsakes of honorable achievement. The failure almost became imperceivable to me; more perplexing than the mysterious
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I was able to develop a realization of responsibility and adulthood. I came to a broader understanding that I am expendable. I am willing and determined to work my way though required education to make myself an expert in my desired career. In this year, I decided to join a club called, “Science Olympiad” where schools work on science projects and compete at Kutztown University. I was able to have a little more hands-on engineering experience. I also have learned to value people skills more crucially. My leadership skills derived from being a football captain aided me to be open to everybody and not be afraid to meet new people.
Last year, I stumbled upon my shoebox when cleaning my room. I opened the box up and nostalgia encompassed me. I had realized that the loss 7 years ago has taught me more than I thought. I realized life will go on, that pain is only temporary, that winning isn’t everything because choosing a path of academics over athletics has made me become more responsible, more valuable for my future, and much more of a diligent yet easy-going person. I hung the ribbon up on my wall, next to my football
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