Shoes Are The Lifeblood Of Marikina

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Each place in Manila has a thing, be it an object, food, clothing apparel, that makes them unique if not make it standout. For example Malabon is well known for their delicious pancit, Binondo is known for its Chinese heritage and culture and of course Makati is known for its unbearable traffic. Shoes are the lifeblood of Marikina. It’s the thing that makes it unique and special to Manila. When you say shoes, Marikina is the place that pops into the minds of most of the residents in Manila. I personally am a resident of Marikina and I can say shoes is not only the livelihood of Marikina residents but its Social Identity to the Philippines. Many famous Filipino figures have worn shoes made from Marikina. Names such as Manuel Roxas, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Imelda Marcos, who supposedly owns 3000 pairs of shoes some of which if…show more content…
Slowly people discovered the art of show making and from then on it became a common livelihood in the City which was actually his true intentions, to provide jobs to the people. From there the industry grew and matured. In the year 1935, Marikina had already 139 shops and from there it continued to even become a place where people from Manila would flood to buy good quality shoe. Due to the fact Marikina was getting such recognition for its shoes nationwide in 1956 it was announced Marikina was named “Shoe Capital of the Philippines”. Until now you can still see shops in Marikina that sell shoes. Especially the art of Concepcion cause it is the heart of the shoe industry in Marikina. When you need shoes or maybe to have your shoes repaired Marikina is the place to go. Does Marikina even live up to its title? Are their shoes even that good? Well I interviewed the tour guide in the Marikina Shoe museum, which contains the controversial 800 of Imelda’s 3000 pairs of shoes, what makes

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