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ID 201035872 Sholay Sholay is the Hindi action-adventure film that was shot by Ramesh Sippy. It is considered as the best example of the Hindi masala movie. Masala movie is a mix of several movie genres, which usually include tragedy, comedy, adventure and action. The plot of the film is about Thakur Baldev Singh, former police officer (played by Sanjeev Kumar) trying to capture the main antagonist of the movie Gabbar Singh, a gang leader (played by Amjad Khan) by hiring two thieves, who are also the main protagonists of the movie Veru (played by Dharmendra) and Jai (played by Amitabh Bachchan). Although this movie is considered as the highest box-office grossing Hindi movie up to this time, I personally did not enjoy this movie. In…show more content…
In addition, as that genre suggests usually the protagonists are usually almost indestructible to any injuries and have a high precision shooting a man whilst riding a horse. However, I did not appreciate the Indian way of fighting. Even though in some action movies some fights appear too good to be true in real life, in Sholay the last fight between Thakur and Gabbar was so unreal and poorly choreographed that it made me laugh. Especially that scene when Thakur kicks Gabbar with two of his feet at the same time. Second genre that was included is the comedy part also at the beginning with the scenes of the head of the prison, which I recognized as a mockery of Hitler, and Bhopali. In addition, the scene at the temple with Veru and Basanti was also funny to watch. Third category is melodrama, which is represented by two love couples. Veru and Basanti are the couple that represents an easy melodrama with easy movie clichés whilst Jai and Bhadha represent a heavy melodrama that border a drama. Even though Jai and Bhadha had little conversation with each other, the emotional connection appeared deep to me. Bhadha was bounded by the local traditions as a widow so she could not express her feelings easily as did Basanti. Fourth category that was mixed was drama, which revolved around Thakur and Bhadha. Thakur is represented as a man who carries a burden of revenge and Bhadha is represented as a woman whose efforts to find happiness have failed two times. And the
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