Shonquasia Response To Suicide

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Shonquasia responded well to the intervention. Shonquasia continues to make progress towards her goals. Shonquasia stated getting her high school diploma. Shonquasia stated, that she would like to complete high school and then go to college or in the army. Shonquasia stated, she cares about herself, being in a god relationship and being successful in life. Shonquasia stated having unprotected sex with an older guy. Shonquasia stated that she did not know that the guy was living with his girlfriend. Shonquasia stated that she regrets having sex with the person. Shonquasia stated, to fit in, peer pressure, do not know any better, and fear. Shonquasia was able to complete the scenarios correctly. Shonquasia stated, getting her high school diploma, completing college, serving in the army and getting a good…show more content…
Shonquasia stated, attending school regularly, completing high school, having good grades, having good behavior, not using drugs, and completing services in the army. Shonquasia completed the worksheet. Shonquasia stated, getting her high school diploma, completing college, and joining the army. Shonquasia stated that she have always wanted to join the army since she was younger. Shonquasia stated that she decided on the goals she knows that she can achieve, the things she like to do and how it would lead to her being successful in her life. Shonquasia stated, that people in her family thinks her goals are unrealistic, and that they tell her she cannot achieve it due to her anger problems, behavior, and discipline problems. Shonquasia stated that she will prove them wrong by completing all of her goals. Shonquasia stated, attaining profit from something the person enjoys doing and gaining prosperity in career
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