Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell

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Shooting an Elephant The short story “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell describes Orwell’s experience as a police officer of a town in the British colony of Burma. George Orwell, a military occupier in the Burmese land is much hated by the civilians. The hatred he receives from the locals makes him despise the British Empires mistreatment on the Burmese people. However, he also resents the locals in the village for revolting against him, for he is only a worker of the British Empire. “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell discusses the author’s views and experience on peer pressure through the structure, quality, and applicability of the information shared. The incident that took place was when a domesticated elephant escaped from its chains, and was causing harm to the villagers and their property. The “mahout” – a caretaker of the elephant went searching towards a different route which happened to be 12 hours away; the only solution in stopping this berserk elephant was by shooting it. George Orwell, the police officer who works in Moulmein, Burma was conflicted upon shooting or not shooting at the elephant. Orwell felt pressured by the villagers when confronting the elephant. As he walked towards the field, a large sum of the village was following close by. The villagers felt a wave of excitement as they saw the gun in Orwell’s hand; to witness the killing of the elephant was seen as a joyous celebration in their eyes. The villager’s excitement in witnessing the…
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