Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell, Brief Description of Words and Symbols

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1. From the beginning of this essay Orwell’s purpose was never to shoot the elephant. In paragraph 3, lines eight through nine he explains not wanting to shoot it and speaks about bringing the gun to give the elephant a good fright. Leaving the gun at home or bringing the gun would have made no difference to what happened at the end. The gun was of little use, the main gun was not even his own but the riffle. 2. Orwell shot the elephant not to save the people in the village but for his own benefits. Fearing what the people might think if he did not shoot it. In paragraph nine he weighs the options of shooting it or not. Reasoning if he did not shoot it and got trampled they would laugh at his defeat. Thankful that the coolie man got…show more content…
As well as being part of the British government and what comes along with it. Explaining what he went through with the Burman people and the constant harassment. His reasoning for it all. Method and Structure: 1. The functions of the first and second paragraph were to give a vivid description of the settings. Giving the reader the background and plot of it all. As well as examples of what he went through: with Buddhist priest and Burman people always laughing at him. 2. The main irony used in "Shooting an Elephant" is supported by his use of tone. Orwell sounds tranquil and almost disconnected throughout the essay, even when he discusses very disturbing actions. The essay starts with a conversation of him being hated by the people, even though he seems to be a fairly refined person, and seems to be one who should not be hated. Orwell would like to help people, but must do so by killing an elephant. The essay ends with Orwell saying he was glad the coolie had been killed, because it was the only legal reason the elephant could be killed so he has to be glad someone has been killed, so he can protect himself. 3. This essay being written now rather then right after it happened gives the narrator time to process everything he had done in the past. Not writing it out of hate for the people. Not having to defend himself. Having a calmer demeanor while writing. Either being able to

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