Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell

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Since the very first time I could see, my fascination with animals has followed me throughout my life. My childhood goal was to become a Veterinarian and although plans have changed, my passion for animals remains. Pets that I have taken under my wing become my responsibility and my family no matter how small or big they are. This is now the concept that most modern day families have adopted. Some people even consider them their children. Life, however, is not eternal for these little creatures, and like all living beings, their time is numbered. Seeing how pets are considered a part of the family, experiencing a tragedy firsthand can be emotionally devastating, both at the incident and afterwards. In the pursuit to gain knowledge and…show more content…
The cage appeared like a murder scene with blood at the bottom of the cage and at the sides. Blue and white feathers sprinkled the floor around the cage and in the far right corner was a bird I could not recognize. The tiny parakeet was huddled in the corner in a state of shock with blood marks on his head and back. However, as I inspected the parakeets back closer, I saw that in fact the blood was flesh from the base of the wing which was missing. Similarly, like Orwell in Shooting an Elephant, I did not know what to do in the situation but I had to find a solution (pg.230). I did not have a clue how to treat an injured bird or if I should figure out first what and how the incident happened. The parakeet was bleeding heavily and I knew I could not do much, but instead of the crowd pushing me forward as in Orwell’s case, my brothers were looking at me as if I could save the bird. I did not want to let their hopes down and let my friend die without any effort in my part. In Shooting an Elephant, Orwell asks experienced Burmans their view on the situation in order to see what he could do about the elephant (pg. 232). In my case, I used the Internet to Google search ways to stop the bleeding and to see the mortality of the situation. I quickly grabbed the bird and took it to the bathroom where I applied flour to stop the bleeding. There was a slim chance the parakeet would live without antibiotics and with no car at that moment
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