Shootings In Schools

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Campuses across the United States continue to grow vulnerable every day. Since the Columbine Shooting in 1999, the nation has witnessed over two hundred and fifty shootings that were committed on a school campuses (Pearle, 2016). These shootings have been committed on school grounds, starting at the elementary level all the way through post graduate school. With the rise of social media and the internet; campus shootings have grained more attention nationally. In October 1990 Congress implemented the Gun Free School Zone Act (GFSZA); for public federally funded schools to create a barrier around designated school zones, to prevent gun related violence. The GFSZA designates a predetermined distance of 1,000 feet from school’s grounds as a gun free zone. This keeps a law-abiding citizen defenseless when entering a campus premises and allowing any potential criminal a safe-haven to commit a crime. Law abiding citizens should be allowed to concealed carry on school campuses because not only is it a Constitutional right, but it also…show more content…
Since then the government, states, and courts have created and implemented regulations such as the Gun Control Act and the Gun Free School Zone Act. These acts have determine locations and distances of which a firearm can be carried. Currently every state has a form of conceal carry; Illinois being the final state authoring this on 2013, allowing the use of a handgun for personal and home defense (Garcia Pearson, 2013). Home defense is considered a location where a person currently resides, but the states that do not allow of conceal carry on school campuses are denying citizens their judicious right. Currently eight states have passed a legislation allowing carry on campus with another twenty three states leave the decision up to the
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