Shootings, Violence, And Violence

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The manner in which violence is carried out in America has evolved over time and has become somewhat of a spectacle when portrayed to the public: In particular when referring to mass shootings associated with school violence. The public watching media coverage of mass shootings within the 20th and 21st century may assume that such violence occurs more often than not. However, school shootings have occurred since the early 1700 's as the first documented incident, but school shootings have been on a decline since the highly covered incident at Columbine, Colorado in April of 1999. Although, any school shooting is one too many and tragic, obtaining further research regarding these tragic shootings is difficult as these occurrences do not happen as often as the public may perceive leaving researchers to scramble to determine possible causes of these horrific events. There seems to be a connected fascination, curiosity and mimicking of previous school shootings and violence that young adolescents may be intrigued by. Couple this with those who may have behavior disorders, social out casting and anger issues in regards to those who carry out these violent acts will most certainly intensify their reasoning. However, not enough information is available to determine what the actual causes are that trigger these actions of mass school shooting violence. We 'll take a further look into statistics of school shootings, gun violence and mental illness

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