Shop on the Main Street Shot List and Short Analysis

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Emily McDonald Shop on the Main Street shot list 1. 1:32:22 – 1:32:35 Shot starts with wide shot of Tono lighting a match in a dark room. Mrs. Lautmannova is asleep on the bed right next to him. He begins to shake her awake calling her name. She awakes, startled and asks who it is as she turns and reaches for the light. 2. 1:32:35 – 1:32:39 Wide shot from slightly behind Mrs. Lautmannova. Tono urgently tells her, while she is sitting up in bed, that he has come to warn her. 3. 1:32:39 – 1:32:42 Wide shot over the shoulder of Tono as he says that they will take her tomorrow. She shrugs it off and waves her hand saying that he has been drinking. 4. 1:32:42 – 1:32:47 Wide shot behind Mrs. Lautmannova. Tono agrees that he had been…show more content…
Moving slightly forward toward a steeple, trees are shown on the side. Tono’s voice over asks if she is sure that is the source of the bells. Fade to white. 19. 1:36:57 – 1:37:06 Cut quickly to close, wide shot angled look of Tono’s head, upside down, as he is sleeping. Loud speaking wakes him up. The voice says to be silent in the name of their Jewish God and tells them to stand where they are. Tono lifts up his head as the camera pans past up towards the window right in front of him. The man outside yells to wait their turn. 20. 1:37:06 – 1:37:19 Wide shot. Tono gets out of his bed and walks to the door, the camera follows him. He opens the door slightly than closes it. The voice is heard through out asking the Jews for their registration. 21. 1:37:19 – 1:37:29 Wide shot. Mrs. Lautmannova walks in from the other room, smiling. She has a platter with tea and breakfast. She walks toward Tono, off slightly to the right of the camera, and says good morning and good Sabbath. 22. 1:37:29 – 1:37:31 Wide shot. Tono standing at the door looking stressed. He says worried, wondering what he was going to do with her. He takes steps towards her off to the left of the camera and puts his hands together as he asks. 23. 1:37:31 – 1:37:58 Wide shot. Mrs. Lautmannova says not to worry, camera pans, as she folds up his bed and gathers it into her arms. She says it is not time yet, to eat his breakfast and then because it is Saturday, to go home. She takes the pile and

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