Shopgirl Monologue

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Mondays are her least favorite, they’re usually slow days, slower, anyway, and sometimes just to pick herself up, Veronica liked to stop someplace special on the way home. Take Neptune, California up on what it had to offer her. Going the long way to her car, she stopped at a bakery, just a donut to go, when she saw it across the street. Monstrous and offensive, a brand new superstore going up, one for books- and her chocolate donut with chocolate sprinkles tasted like sweetened ashes. Even now, years after her dad’s death, the first thought in her mind was how much he would hate it. Not even necessarily the big-business competition of it, just the disparaging of what was really left of Neptune’s small-town-USA charm. Finishing the rest of her donut in large bites, Veronica couldn’t be bothered worrying about what she looked like grumbling to…show more content…
You liking ‘long walks on the beach’ is the most cliche thing ever, it makes me believe you. Dick knocking on his front door made Logan jump, and then hit send before getting up. Maybe Shopgirl would have a better day today; he still hadn’t dropped the been skinny dipping from his mind. “Dude, we have that social tonight, black tie, lots of classy ladies, please tell me you did not forget.” Dick’s reminder smarted like he’d expected Logan to forget all about it. And fine, Logan had forgotten- he was thinking about a funny stranger’s not-so-funny bad day and not to mention, skinny dipping. Diverting his attention to Dick, to the black tie, fancy food, cyclical ego stroking… “You know, you haven’t been out much lately. Hand-cuffed to your computer and probable-prison-pen-pal.” Dick winced a smile. “This’ll be good for you. Meet some of the local competition, eat someone else’s caviar, speak to real live women who aren’t in prison. Sample what Neptune, California has to offer you, man.” Shrugging Dick off, Logan eventually nodded. He hadn’t been out much
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