Essay Shoplifting is a Crime Committed by Many

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People all over the U.S. commit crimes. Shoplifting is most popular, it happens every day causing stores to pay hundreds of millions each year. There's no typical shoplifter — people who steal from stores can be any age, race, gender, and social and economic background.
Most people wonder why people commit crimes like shoplifting. Well some do it because of Finances the most obvious of these reasons is that the person needs or wants something that they simply do not have the money for. This is offer the case with teens who are trying to keep up with trends and their peers. Sometimes people steal to meet their basic needs of food and clothing or to provide gifts for their children. Pressure younger kids and teens can be pressured by friends and peers to steal items in order to gain acceptance by certain groups or people. They tell you if you want to be liked and fit in they must steal things. Of juveniles who have shoplifted, 33 percent say that it is hard to stop. Approximately 25 percent of shoplifters are kids. Of adult shoplifters, 55 percent say they began as teens (Buy me a pie- Why do people shoplift). There are also emotional issues too; people battling with depression or anger issues may shoplift. Also people do it for attention, when there is problems at home a child or teen is left out they probably steal for the attention of someone or something. Very young children sometimes take things they want without understanding that things cost money and that it's wrong…