Shopperstop and Westside

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RETAIL MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON SHOPPERS STOP & WESTSIDE SUMMIYA SAIFY 08PG198 Marketing - A Indian Retail Sector The Indian Retail Sector has undergone rapid transformation by setting scalable and profitable retail models across various categories and formats. Traditional markets are making way for departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialty stores. The modern malls cater to shopping, entertainment and food, all under one roof. It was estimated that India will have over close to 50 million square feet of quality retail space by the end of 2007. The growth in mall space has been over ten fold in four years: from about 2 million square feet in 2002 to 28 million square feet in 2006. The…show more content…
From being just the sale of goods to consumers, the company has created a unique aura around retail and turned it into an experience, an indulgence. The pioneer of organized retail in India, Shopper’s Stop Ltd., has been instrumental in bringing about a retail revolution in the country and has become the highest benchmark for the industry. With its growth plans firmly in place VS Page 4 and undeniable leadership in the field, Shopper’s Stop Ltd., is well on its way to raise the bar of performance even higher. Shopper’s Stop Ltd. has made this purchase of goods extremely pleasurable. The stores have redefined shopping by making it more than just a transaction. The entire shopping process is the coming together of an amazing array of offerings, warm but unobtrusive service and special privileges and benefits that translate every visit into customer delight. Since its inception in 1991, Shopper’s Stop Ltd., which was founded by the K Raheja Corp. Group (Chandru L Raheja Group), one of the leading players in the country in the business of real estate development and hotels, has been offering premium and luxury value for the entire family. Shopper’s Stop Ltd. has metamorphosed from being a chain of retail stores to emerging as a Fashion & Lifestyle destination, which now includes retail concepts such as bookstores, cafés and high-end lifestyle merchandise for the growing

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