Shopping Addiction Essay

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Shopping and buying have become an addiction, to consume increasingly of what is not needed. Consumers are compelled to shop and purchase items that are, for a brief time, marketed at a discounted rate. The impulse to invest time and energy on products that a person does not really need at the time, solely based on a mesmerizing discounted offer, has become distressing. The tempting offers have grown since consumers have been offered an extended opportunity to shop. Advertisements announce stores will begin to extend their hours to purchase more economical priced products to commence on Thanksgiving Day. Consumers cannot resist the urge to wait in endless lines for a few items displayed for a decreased amount. Repeatedly, we…show more content…
Currency was also, saved to educate the children with a college education, now younger generations place more value on the newest electronic apparatus. The compulsiveness to spend the cash that we do not have is ridiculous, the sorrowful portion is, that children are learning this pattern of destruction. It is effortless to spend a vast amount of currency that was not intended, so, now we try to learn to recognize this impulse. Not an easy task to master, but it is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, we ask ourselves before the purchase, do I really need this? Is this item going to be used right away or will it collect dust? It is not a profitable item if it becomes stored away in an area taking up space? Americans do not have to pay out what they do not have and end up in debt just, so others profit. The author, Anna Quindlen, does make a valid point regarding, our possessions are not what we think. Americans consume personal property that we do not appreciate and forget what really is valuable. Consequently, it’s easy to forget what is more important than possessions that come and go throughout our lives. The merchandise that we value are just that, material objects that lose value within time and then we search for the newest. Before the appointed time, it is not materialistic items that bring us joy and fulfilment, it should be loved ones and special memories. Stating the obvious does not make
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