Shopping At Home Vs. Shopping

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Vincent Jiang
English 108
April 8, 2015

Shopping at Home vs. Shopping at Store It is the year of two thousand and fifteen—the 45th years after Internet was first invented. Internet is developing in an incredibly speed, so does the online business. People can accomplish more without stepping out of their houses. Imagine what if we are carrying bulk of cash to pay our tuition instead of paying online. Since Internet greatly facilitates the process of paying and choosing, online shopping has become the couple top shopping preferences. Some people love online shopping because online shopping is easier, cheaper, both money and time saving. Meanwhile, some people don’t like online shopping because they think online shopping is unsafe, not reliable, and bad for economy and retails are irreplaceable. This paper will focus on the advantages and also the disadvantages of online shopping. Why online shopping is cheaper? “Because products come to you direct from the manufacturer or seller without middlemen involved” (Freddawson, 2012). In the chain of retailing, a big portion of cost goes into to the labor, rent, and other expenses. Also, the middleman or seller are going to increase the selling prices based on the buying prices. As a result, customers are paying more for the products themselves’ value. If the retailing goes online, the chain is being trimmed. The shorter the chain, the closer the price that the customers can get compare to the buying price.
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