Shopping Habits

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RMM PROJECT TOPIC: “Shopping Habits survey among Mall visitors in Delhi / Gurgaon.” “A Study on Shopping Habits in metro cities and factors important for Mall Growth” PGP 1 - A Submitted By: Abhay Narain (001) Dheeraj Joshi (016) Joydeep Sen (021) Nitin Soni (034) Sneh Verma (050) Mission To identify the Shopping Habits Of People In Malls. Survey Method We followed a structured questionnaire, which was designed to elicit specific information. The survey method used was mall intercept form of personal interviewing. Questionnaire of the section surveyed primarily had the following aspects, which is in consonance with our Management Research Problems: ❑ Who - Identify the different customer segments. ❑ What - The markets…show more content…
| |2 |Gender And Occupation |Nominal Scale |To find out whether there is any predominance of any sex in the consumer | | | | |segment, and current occupation | |3 |Relation of the person |Nominal Scale |To find out the preferences of the consumers whom they like to go out shopping | | |who has come along with | |at malls with. | | |them. | | | |4 |Annual Household Income |Ordinal Scale |To find out Income of the different consumer segments who come to shopping at | | | | |malls. | |5 |Reasons for visit. |Nominal Scale |To understand which are the reasons which makes people visit Malls. | |6 |Identifying the |Likert Scale |To identify the Lifestyle, AIO, Values and General Attitude. | | |consumers. | | | |7
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