Shopping Is A Popular Pastime For Americans

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Shopping is a popular pastime for Americans; it is a way to relieve stress, bond with friends, and keep up with new trends. Shopping can be a method of therapy for those who need to lift their spirits; however, with low self-control it can become an impulse shopping addiction Impulse shopping is the act of purchasing goods without prior planning as a result of sudden desire. It can be an addiction because hedonic products bought impulsively induce an exciting rush, which turns into a cycle to recreate the pleasure. Of course, not all people become impulse shoppers, there are different types of shoppers, with varying emotions, psychological conditions and genders. What all shoppers have in common is that they are all targeted by consumer culture, businesses want them to buy their products and they know how to do it. Businesses constantly expose people to advertising in every form such as TV, Internet, magazines, and in public communities. Marketing strategies are developed, achieved through studies on shoppers, to entice customers to impulse shop. New technology such as TV and Internet shopping makes impulse shopping accessible right at our fingertips. It 's easy to impulse shop due to the constant reminder of shopping and how it can improve our mood. Customers that are emotional stressed are likely to impulse shop due to lack of self-restraint. Businesses know that people want instant gratification and take advantage of customer 's emotional state. Ultimately, because
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