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48908 - Grocery Shopping Jobs Even a Dad Can Do on the Side None of us are exempt from the task of grocery shopping. Whether we provide for a large family of seven requiring two grocery carts per week or grab a basket of goods once a week to fuel our single lifestyle, the grocery store is a mainstay for many of us. So, what if you could earn cash while completing this weekly chore? I am not talking about extreme couponing. No. No need for clipping and saving with this venture. Instead, I am referring to grocery shopping jobs. Yes. A few groceries for you, a couple for someone else and dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. Interested? WHAT? A GROCERY SHOPPING JOB? FOR REAL? Yes, grocery shopping jobs prove legit. In simple…show more content…
In tourist areas, vacationers may also utilize personal grocery shoppers. WHY WOULD SOMEONE CHOOSE THIS JOB? For those who abhor grocery shopping, you may wonder what the draw is to this occupation (while secretly wishing it was available in your area.) But, there are perks for those who do not mind running errands. Time and scalability are two such benefits. Time Flexibility Personal shopping offers flexible hours to fit with your schedule. Typically, hours run between 9:00 a.m. and midnight. However, this varies by region and company. Still, you do not need to claim specific hours. Just grab a job or two in your free time. In most cases, with no minimum required hours, you are free to accept or decline any job. Scalability Grocery shopping jobs also prove scalable and easy to modify. In other words, growth potential exists. The rise of the senior population and their current use of these services promises a secure future in food delivery. Also, adding seasonal back-to-school or holiday shopping in the fall naturally supplements your business. Other factors cited for loving grocery shopping jobs include autonomy and a relaxed work environment. Also, no training comes into play before starting the business. And, the IRS offers a deduction based on the mile for the time spent using your vehicle. Finally, immediate pay provides instant gratification. WHO IS BEST SUITED FOR GROCERY SHOPPING JOBS? Not everyone proves an
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