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CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter reviews the related literature and conceptual framework of this study. The literature review cover the shopping behaviour, shopping value, consumer’s decision making styles, perceived shopping mall image, shopping mall brand loyalty and consumer segmentation. The conceptual framework of this study will be explained in the end of this chapter. 2.1 Shopping behaviour This section is attempts to provide an explanation on consumer shopping behaviour by review the previous study on the previous literature. Shopping is one of the distinct activities of consumer behaviour (Tauber, 1972) and shopping behaviour is a distinctive form of consumer behaviour (Asseel, 1987). According to Tauber (1972, p…show more content…
Also according to Zaffar, Ghingold, and Zainurin (2006), two consumers may shop at the same stores for similar reasons, e.g. convenience, courteous help nice décor, etc., but one consumer my find shopping a burden, something to be done quickly within a minimum of effort while another may enjoy shopping, engaging in it as sport by achieving the satisfaction of buying a desired item at a bargain price. This latter consumer does not mind spending time searching for alternatives. Shopping involves much more than eye-sight and foot. That is what Paco Underhill (1999, p 161) said, "shopping is… the kind of activity I mean involves experiencing that portion of the world that has been deemed for sale, using our senses – sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing – as the basis for choosing this or rejecting that…virtually all unplanned purchases – and many planned ones, too – come as a result of the shopper seeing, touching, smelling or tasting something that promise pleasure, if not total fulfillment." It can seen that individual go shopping for some other reasons, beside to acquire a product, they also shop for non-purchase reasons such as looking for social interaction, sensory stimulation, learning for new rends and even exercise. That is, consumer can shop for utilitarian reasons related to achieving specific purchase goals. Alternatively, they can shop for hedonic reasons related to having fun.
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