Shopping Mall Impact on Small Bussinesses

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Impact of Malls on Small Shops and Hawkers A small sample survey of the impact of malls on small shops and hawkers in Mumbai points to a decline in sales of groceries, fruits and vegetables, processed foods, garments, shoes, electronic and electrical goods in these retail outlets, ultimately threatening 50 per cent of them with closure or a major decline in business. Only 14 per cent of the sample of small shops and hawkers has so far been able to respond to the competitive threat of the malls with the institution of fresh sales promotion initiatives. ANURADHA KALHAN India is attempting to do in 10 years what took 25-30 years in other major global markets. However, to-date there is very little understanding of what the impact of…show more content…
So 50 per cent of the sample was expecting serious trouble. 82 per cent said that their children would not continue with the business. Yet only 11 per cent of the sample of 112 shops/ hawkers were involved in a campaign against the malls. It would be useful to compare the two areas where malls have been around for an adequate period of time, like in Parel and in the Bhandup/Mulund area. Nirmal Lifestyle is close to Bhandup, R Mall is in Mulund. Nirmal is two years old and R Mall is three years old. Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel is four years old. There were 53 respondents (retail shops and hawkers) in the

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