Shopping Of The Eyes Of Consumption

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Shopping in the Eyes of Consumption Forever 21 has become one of most popular brand among teenagers and young adults because of its affordable prices and great deals. The store itself has transformed from a small store in Los Angeles known as Fashion 21 to what it is today, a big retail store that receives shipments of clothing, accessories, and shoes everyday. Forever 21 stores have moved in many malls to bigger spaces, even two story stores, to accommodate all of its merchandise and new clothing sections that the visual merchandisers have decided to create. The store located at the Santa Anita mall is one of the biggest stores that accommodate styles in departments such as boho, two free spirit sections, forever 21 men, plus size, love 21, shoes, sale, two accessories sections, a sport section, a basic wear section, a denim section, a lingerie/pajama section, and more. All of these departments have been created to appeal to more than one fashion style, which in other words means to sell the most that they can. Forever 21 is a store that uses window displays to attract customers, utilizes the store’s layout, and takes advantage of the small impulsive merchandise to encourage consumption. When a person sees the window displays of Forever 21 he or she looks at white, faceless, and hairless manikins that are in a display that has a white background, wooden floors, and is well lighted. Each of the manikins are wearing different outfits for different tastes and have a…

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