Shopping While Traveling Is A Joy Or A Bane?

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Travel Shopping Opinions differ as to whether shopping while traveling is a joy or a bane; regardless of this fact though, one should always try to get the best bargains. The following generally to shopping in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Mid East and South Pacific. Rule 1: It is a common misconception that Duty Free shops in airports and train stations always have the lowest prices. Duty free shops may not have to pay duty taxes, but that doesn 't mean that they don 't have a profit markup, and manytimes this markup equals or exceeds the duty. For example, at Miami Airport 's duty free shops, cigarattes cost more that in the average midwestern Quik Trip store. When cigarettes were about $14 locally, the Dallas…show more content…
In the Caribbean and Latin America, look in vacant lots, plazas or parks for street vendors or souvenir "shanty" areas. These have virtually no overhead and are extremely competitive with each other which gives the buyer more "negotiating" power. Finding the RIGHT Product What are you looking for? Souvenirs? The best souvenirs are those products for which a particular country or location is known and or are crafted by local artisans. Be aware that most "usual" souvenirs, i.e. t-shirts, pins, shell wind chimes, basketware, etc. are not manufactured locally, but rather in some OTHER country. Look at the labels on all of the above kinds of items... whether you are in the Caribbean, Latin America or the South Pacific, many "tropical" type souvenirs will show being made in China. Finding the RIGHT Product Always compare the quality of the various items you seek. With souvenirs, the old adage "You Get What You Pay For" is especially true. Browsing through stores in the Caribbean you 'll see T-Shirts for $10, 2 for $10, 3 for $10 and even 4 for $10. As an experiment, we bought some of each while making our way through the Islands. All were made in the U.S.A.; however while the $10 t-shirt proved to have a fairly long life, those that were 4 for $10, shrank and shredded in the first wash. The prints faded to the point of almost not being visable. These are probably best suited for that cousin that doesn 't wash or change shirts
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