Shoreline Flow Pipeline Research Paper

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The revised basic Pipeline grid structure of the ‘Reverse the Flow Plan to save the Murray-Darling Basin’ detailed in reports [17 A & B, 13,14,4-7] & ‘Climate Change, Deforestation, Carbon Pollution Reduction, An Alternative Solution’ report [7]. [Complete sets of the reports, forwarded to the SA & Federal Governments over the past two years are inter related, frequently overlap and should be read conjointly] Stage 1 The Burdekin - Dalrymple Project: Piplines – L. Dalrymple to Isaac R. 50-100 km, Herbert R. to Burdekin R. 20 km, Fitzroy-Dawson Rs. to Auburn 100-150 km & Auburn to Condamine via Charlie’s [Durah Creek] at it’s origin 30-40 km. The Shoreline Flow pipeline from the Normandy R. past Cooktown, Cairns, Innisfail & Tully to the Herbert R. can be added gradually. The NE-NSW Shoreline Flow Pipeline Project: from …show more content…

to the Namoi R., then two subsidiary pipelines each less than 20 km from Namoi R. to Gwydir R. at Kingston and from Gwydir R. to MacIntyre R. at Inverall. A connection from the Condamine R. at Durah Ck. to the Moonie R. at it’s origin completes the distribution to the northern section. The distribution to the southern section is made with the pipeline from the Lachlan R. to the Murrumbidgee R. which already has connections to the Murray R. Existing pipelines & irrigation channels of course will be utilised and may reduce the length of pipelines required. The SE Shoreline Flow Pipeline Project: from the Mitchell R. connecting Nicholson, Tambo, Snowy, Brodribb, Bemm, Cann, Thurra, Wigan & Genoa Rivers in SE – Victoria [ East Gippsland ] detailed in report [5], then Towamba, Bega, Murah, Tuross, Deua & Clyde Rivers in SE – NSW. With the connection to the Mitta-Mitta R. the waters can be delivered either to the L. Dartmouth & Hume Dam major reservoirs or to L. Burragorang then onto the basin

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