Short Analyses of Some of the Best American Literature

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This refers to the social as well as the artistic or aesthetic context in which they were written. The paper will attempt to show how these works reflect the age and concerns in which they were written.
1. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Yellow Wallpaper.
This story which was first published in 1892 can be interpreted as both a psychological as well as a social commentary and critique of the society of the time. In essence this story is a critique of the attitudes towards women in the nineteenth century and the norms and biases that led to the women being seen as the inferior, weaker and less rational gender.
The central focus of the story is on the thoughts and feelings of the main character; a woman who is seemingly ill and possibly suffering from postpartum depression. She is obviously suffering from a form of depression but her husband does not take her feelings seriously and insists that she do nothing but rest. He does not investigate or seemed cornered about the root causes of her condition. She is treated condescendingly, which is intended as a reflection on the attitudes towards women in a male dominated world. The main protagonist is treated as if she has no independent individuality and, as the story develops, it becomes clear that the woman has been denied her…
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