Short Article, Gallows Humor And Medicine

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Humor is something that has been scorned in the past and by the greatest minds of philosophy such as Plato and Aristotle. It was viewed by ancient societies as lacking seriousness and being distractive to the process of thinking. In any case, Plato condemned the association of humor with gods claiming that it was degrading to encourage it on human beings let alone the supernatural. Aristotle even emphasized that laughter is ‘uneducated insolence.’ It is therefore quite the issue when humor is allied with a field as serious as Medicine. While these are more traditional views of humor, developments in psychology, show that humor is a crucial part of the subconscious mind. It is crucial for information processing of the human mind and allows human beings to move past depressing situations (Watson 37). This essay aims at analyzing Katie Watson’s article, Gallows Humor in Medicine. It seeks to provide insight on the role and kind of humor in the medical field as well as respond to Watson’s work. The essay mostly agrees with the article given its attempts to explain the role of humor as an important one in dealing with difficult situations in a better manner. It supports the article in criticizing the thought that the profession is a squeamish campaign in contradiction of pleasure. Firstly, the medical profession is a busy field and requires a great deal of commitment to understand the issues of life. It is as emotionally engaging as it is mentally and constantly leads to…
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