Short Biography: Hearthstone

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Hearthstone, also known as Hearth, is a deaf elf.. Hearth was born in Alfheim, “the home of the light elves”(pg.498). In Alfheim they look down on any imperfections, therefore “Hearth’s parents never accepted him, because he was deaf.” Besides Hearth being deaf, he “had a brother-Andiron- who died very young. It wasn’t” Hearth’s “fault, but his parents took out their bitterness on him. They always told him the wrong brother had died. To them, Hearth was a disappointment, a disabled elf, a punishment from the gods. He could do no right.”(pg.346-347) Hearth chose a runestone with the symbol for perthro on it to show how he felt. “Perthro symbolizes an empty cup lying sideways… It could be [a] spilled drink, or a cup waiting to be filled”. When
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