Short Biography Of Sam Houston

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Sam Houston was born on March 2nd, 1793, in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He was the fifth of nine children of Samuel and Elizabeth Paxton Houston. His siblings were named Paxton, Robert, James, John, Sam, Jr., William, Isabella, Mary, and Eliza. After moving to Tennessee, he spent time with the Cherokee’s. He was soon named “The Raven” which the name came from the Cherokee’s. In 1806 Sam Houston's father died at Dennis Callaghan's Tavern. In 1807 Mrs. Elizabeth Houston takes her nine children to a farm on Baker Creek in the state of Tennessee, 10 miles south of Maryville in Blount County Rebelling at his older brothers' attempts to make him work on the farm and in the family's store in Maryville, Houston ran away from home as an adolescent in 1809 to dwell among the Cherokees, who lived across the Tennessee River. Sam live…show more content…
Houston campaigned for Andrew Jackson’s presidency in 1824, but Jackson was not elected. Then, in 1827, at the age of 34, Sam Houston was elected governor of Tennessee. He married in 1829 to a girl named Eliza, but the marriage only lasted eleven weeks and she went back to live with her parents. Houston was so upset that he resigned from his office and exiled to what is now known as Oklahoma to live with the Cherokee Indians. He lived in seclusion with them and even dressed like them. The only person he stayed in contact with was Andrew Jackson. He involved himself in the affairs of the Indian tribes and worked to keep the peace between them. He was eventually granted Cherokee citizenship which allowed him to marry a woman with Indian blood named Diana. His political life led him to leave Diana and the Indians and in 1832, he crossed the Red River into Mexican Texas. He saw Texas as a land of promise for the political and financial
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