Short Essay 2

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Theo 201 B27 201220 Short Essay # 2 Short Essay on Christology What is the biblical basis for Jesus' humanity? Jesus’ humanity was and is far from being comparable to ours as man created from the ground than to Him coming to form through Spirit. On the other hand being born from a sinless virtue. What is the biblical basis for deity? Several basis of deity is that demonstration would show of God-like attributes, teachings being consistent and correspond to the wisdom of God. As Jesus’ deity he showed all the above that I had mentioned as well as claiming to be God. As well as it says in the Bible John 1:1, “the Word was God” Explain how Jesus can be both God and Man at the same time (Hypostatic Union). Jesus can be both God…show more content…
That to Him is saying that you are the son of the father of lies. What are the common objections to the traditional understanding of Christology, and how do you respond to them? Some objections were it being a philosophical idea than it being historical revelation. Another was that there is no divine production of the world or there being three different people but as a union. There’s another one saying that Jesus didn’t fully become man and didn’t have the true things of man. How I would respond to this is by starting off with saying yes it is true that He didn’t fully become man, but He still have all things that man have reason is because He would not be able to come to save our souls and prolong our lives as well as being kept from condemnation to the point where you won’t have no chance to tell God who you are. We would have been sent straight to hell without no anymore chances at all. But for Apollinaris saying He didn’t have any man-like qualities or attributes that will show that He has came to us as a man. In what ways is Christ in his humanity an example to you? He is an example to me in a way that Love will and can conquer all. Also, being led by the Father leads you in the right direction, give you knowledge and wisdom to do or say. That trusting in Him you can receive things that are really more substantial than material
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