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Can Tho
“To travel is to live”.And to live requirement is the best adventurous place.Can tho as the name looks has a reputation for being a welcoming place,where everyone is smiling.
Can Tho(or Cantho) is the biggest city of Mekong Delta in Vietnam with an estimated population of 1.5 million as of 2014.The name comes from “camthi giang”-river of poems.It is also referred to as “Tay Do” meaning “Western Capital”.Can Tho is located on the south bank of the Hau River, the bigger branch of the Mekong River. It is in vicinity to Soc Trang, 1.5 hours from Long Xuven, 3 hours from Chau Doc and Rach Gia, about 6 hours from Ca Mau, and 169 km (3 hours) from Ho Chi Minh City.
The city is famous for its floating markets,Buddhist pagodas,delicious food and fresh fruits and the beauty of Mekong Delta.Although developing fast having 10% growth per year,it retains its charm as the center of a rural area, as urban development is taking place in a rather orderly manner.After 120 years of development,the city now is the delta’s most important center of economics,culture,science,and technology.It has a large freshwater port and two industrial parks.
Time to Visit:
Any time you visit Cantho, it is awesome and it remains awesome all the 12 months a year.
Some facts about weather
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