Short Essay About Fairies

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Fairies come in different shapes and sizes, but there is one thing they all share in common.... They are all born from a babies very first cry. From the moment they are born they are chosen for their destined job. They will be chosen one out of six seasonal jobs depending on their personality and skills weather its snowflake and frost making for winter, Spring fairies the ones who grow veggies, flowers, and plants or animal fairies who help the animals get ready for each season. prepare them for the winter, teach the birds how to fly, and paint the beautiful colors you see on fall leaves and butterflies! They will be escorted to their home where they will work and live for the rest of their life. The area the babys first cry is where the fairy will be stationed to work and help beautiful mother nature and change seasons. No one can see the fairies…show more content…
Once Winter is over The animal fairies like the leader of Animal Fairies Queen Ophelia or "Queen Oh" help the animal fairies begin hatching the eggs that the butterflies leave for the fairies to help the caterpillers on their wonderful journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly. Once the eggs are hatched Queen Oh pairs off each caterpiller with a Professionalized animal fairy and one animal fairy who may be in training for their specialized job which is helping all sorts of bugs get where they need to be and make sure they are good to begin their long journey ahead of them. They take care of them for the first couple of weeks. They lead them to special plants to eat, make sure they don't wonder off into an unknown area where they can potentially get eaten by a spider or a bug bigger than them, Give them love and affection, Make sure the succeed in finding the perfect spot for hibernation. Thats when Queen Oh and the fairies keep night watch on them they are the ones to risk their life and protect the caterpillers from getting attacked by other
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