Short Essay On Antietam

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Antietam ; the civil war’s bloodiest battle . September 16 , 1862 . one of the bloodiest days in american history . george b. mcClellan and union troops marched on sharpsburg , maryland where Robert e. Lee was holed up . union corps started a massive assault on lee’s left flank signifying the start of the civil war's bloodiest battle … antietam . It was easily the bloodiest day in american military history . it was well balanced every vicious attack was met with an even more vicious counter attack . Despite the advantage in numbers the north had the southerners were determined to hold their ground till the end . Later that day the union troops pushed across a bullet ridden bridge over antietam creek . this lee’s right in grave danger…show more content…
That night the wounded were cared for and actual lines were drawn . The south kept up with small attacks here and there on the eighteenth . While this fight drove lee from maryland with his troops nobody actually won . lincoln called it a victory , at least he said it was the victory he needed to issue the emancipation proclamation . From a military standpoint nobody won the fight at antietam . It was basically a tragic waste of supplies and soldiers . It is believed that the south was outnumbered two to one . It is estimated the north had around 87,000 troops while the south had about 45,000 troops . For the north it is said that about 2,801 were killed , 9,540 were wounded , 753 were either captured or went missing which adds up to a total of 12,401 union casualties . For the south it is estimated that about 1,546 were killed , 7,752 were wounded , 1,018 were either missing and or captured which adds up to about 10,316 casualties in the south . so a total of 3,654 were killed , 17,292 were wounded , and about 1,771 were either captured or missing which adds up to about 22,717 casualties on both sides at the battle of antietam . Luckily such horrible times are behind us . But
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