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Either a follower of religion or a great leader of it Ashoka is known greatly through the world’s history. Ashoka is known for being a hinduistic leader, who later converted to Buddhism, of the Mauryan Empire. Born in India in 300 B.C. Ashoka became an emperor of the Mauryan Empire and later died in India in 238 B.C. Ashoka is an icon around the globe for Buddhism from his religion, to his practices, and all the way to his outcome hundreds of years later. Ashoka was a Hindu and later buddhist who strongly believed in his beliefs such as not killing animals or people. There are many different legends about Ashoka coming from many different ancient civilizations. Ashoka was known by many names, “First known as ‘Ashoka the Fierce’ for taking the…show more content…
(Neelis) After Ashoka passed away many of the next emperors would try and copy his ways. History shows that “As[h]oka’s immediate successor Kunala did not rule; rather, it was his son Samprati who became the Mauryan emperor. (Neelis) Ashoka had accomplished much in his lifetime most of which is still acknowledged today. One of his greatest achievements was “As[h]oka is reported to have built over 8,000 temples and more than 1,000 stupas, or tombs in honor of the Buddha. The stupa at Bhilsa still survives. (“Asoka”) Ashoka has brought many things to civilization that we still use today. Conclusion From his religion, his history, and his outcome from hundreds of years later, Ashoka has brought many great and inspiring things to this world we live in today. Ashoka is still known today for all that he done from building monuments to honor the Buddha to building some of the first medical

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