Short Essay On Bighorns

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Did you know that a bighorns horn size is a symbol of rank and the horn can way up to 30 pounds. They are sometimes dumb and sometimes smart. But on their journey, you never know what can happen. Bighorns have so much information about them. And have many characteristics. On the journey they climb,they eat,and mate. Bighorns have many different ranges in the U.S. They use to live in Western North America but they moved to vacant places. The bighorns live in mostly mountains,rocky cliffs, or bluffs. They usually live in Canada south or New Mexico. Bighorns eat all kinds of plants. They eat different foods depending on the season. But they usually eat grasses or sedges. Sometimes they eat woody plants like for example…show more content…
Females can live up to 10 years and males can live up to 12 years. But they can live up to 15 years in the wild. Today there are only about 70,000 bighorns left. Bighorns sheep have many behaviors. Bighorns live in herds or groups and they are very gregarious sheep. Their is about 8-10 bighorns per herd or group but males do. Live with the females. Males spend most bachelor flocks apart. Bachelor means that a man who has never been married ( Webster Bighorns have many threats in the woods and even out of the woods. Hunters hunt them and they can die from a disease that's called a domestic livestock. They also have some other predators like mountain lions,coyotes,wolves. They are also getting too hot cause the climate keeps getting warmer. Habitat development is causing threat and most of the bighorns population is dying. Bighorns have many characteristics and are very interesting. They are smart and very intelligent and are mostly getting to the point to where they can get threatened. They also have tons of interesting facts about them. The bighorns should get appreciated more and treated with respect. Because they help with our environment and have to deal with all of the damage that we cause to the
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