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On the way home, I recalled the Beaumont mayor saying they needed blankets. Before, I knew it I found myself standing in a Fort Worth Wal Mart price checking blankets. If that big organization wasn’t going to immediately help, I was determined to figure out a way to hold my word. I found myself pulling Walmart associates to ask them how many of this blanket and that blanket they had in stock.

With frustration still set, I found myself on Facebook live. My emotions were running rampant. All the memories of my experience with Hurricane Rita revisited me. The hours of waiting in a Fema line to be giving a random apartment address in another city because your apartment complex is now inhabitable. The hours on hold with Red Cross because they
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Donations were ordered from people living in over 6 countries (Vietnam, USA, Ethiopia, China, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Mexico). In such a short time, my sporadic Facebook Live rant became a global hurricane relief initiative. That morning, I walked into the Walmart with absolutely no clue of what to expect.

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I must admit that at no point was this a one woman initiative. From the day I evacuated Houston, this was a team efforts. The team at Walmart #1455 lead by Assistant Manager Kristen Prater were a God send. I am sure they had never experienced such a situation, but they truly went above and beyond for the cause.

Dear Walmart CEO,

AM Kristen Prater at Store #1455 in Fort Worth, TX deserves a promotion. She ROCKS!


Forever Grateful
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Also, a big Thank You to my Nomadness Travel Tribe family who also added donated items to our cargo van.

The day was just beginning. All morning, I had been receiving messages that my hometown had become an island. There apparently was no way in and no way out. Residents were trapped in the flooded city of Beaumont. I was advised that maybe it would be best to try again the next day if water recedes.

Of course, my Aries stubbornness kicked in aka determination. I made

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