Short Essay On The Lincoln Lost

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Even though the opening was only a few metres across, it was over three metres deep. At least that’s what they were able to estimate once the light came on. Light? Once Lincoln saw the light at the bottom, he wasted no time in jumping into it. He could see that it emanated from an opening at the side. This had to be a tunnel of some sort and possibly an exit. The long drop was a little tricky and Lincoln was lucky not to have twisted an ankle, but he was on the bottom. Milyn and Adhra were now both starting to wonder just how they were going to get him out again, as he was too far down to climb out himself. “I think this goes!” Lincoln said, pointing to the opening at the bottom, where the light was emanating. The tunnel was no more than a…show more content…
The light continued to get brighter. As it did so, the force on his face, and now his whole body, became more intense as well. He was struggling to hold his position. Strangely he did not feel any heat as one would expect. Lincoln gave up trying to figure what was causing this. It was clear to him that this light, whatever it was, prevented him from moving forward. He just focussed on maintaining his ground. It was all to no avail, though. The light increased in brightness again and this had the effect of pushing Lincoln back. He had nothing to grip onto as the walls were very smooth. He moved slowly at first, then as it increased, his speed backwards increased. It was like being caught in a hurricane without any wind. Milyn and Adhra were watching from the top. They could see the light becoming more intense. It was now a very bright beam in the bottom of the hole. So much so that, they could not see the bottom clearly. Then they began to hear movement. It sounded like Lincoln was getting buffeted against the side of the tunnel. All of a sudden, Lincoln came bursting out the tunnel, crashing into the side of the hole. It looked like a human cork being popped out of a bottle. Lincoln grimaced as he hit the wall. Normally he would bounce off it and fall to the floor. However, the beam of light kept him plastered against the wall. With his eyes still covered by his hands, he screamed at the
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