Short Essay On The Pigman

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The Pigman by Paul Zindel is a novel written in two people’s perspectives. Mr. Zindel obviously had a high level of proficiency to construct such an interesting story. This book centers around two high schooler outcasts named John and Lorraine. They are both good friends, and they cross paths with the smiley but lonely Mr. Pignati. He treats them very kindly and shows him around his house; and Lorraine can’t help but have anxiety towards with friendly old man. The old man shows them a room covered from head to toe with porcelain pigs. They discover that Mr. Pignati has an avocation for collecting porcelain pigs. Lorraine and John find a nickname for him: the Pigman. The Pigman practically begs them to go with him to the zoo, and John and Lorraine feel they are in a…show more content…
Pignati bought, she was acting like an ingrate. Mrs. Jensen then tells Lorraine to be careful of men; because she is very antagonistic towards them because of her ex-husband. Lorraine only nods and barely listens to her because she has a relationship with John; and she knows she can trust men. One day, John, Lorraine, and the Pigman are hanging out, and John wears the roller skates he got because of the Pigman. He is running up the stairs in them;; and Mr. Pignati decides to follow him with his roller skates on too. Consequently, the Pigman has a heart attack; and has to be rushed to the hospital. Furthermore, for Lorraine and John to see him, they have to pretend to be his children. It turns out that Mr. Pignati was fine, but he needs to stay in the hospital for a few more days. Afterwords, John has an idea to through a high school party at Mr. Pignati’s house because he is not there. Lorraine strongly disagrees, but then reluctantly agrees to help out with the hors d’oeuvres. The party ends up having more than forty people there, one of them being Norton. Norton and John dislike each other; and when alcohol gets involved, so do the

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